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Katie Bell

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[20 Aug 2004|02:57am]
[ mood | blah ]

I should really take that comforter off the floor and actually use it on a bed.

Which is to say that I should clean my flat someday.

This journal lost its appeal that it held so long ago. Maybe that's why I gave up writing awhile ago. So, maybe it's time I should start it up again.

I've become accustomed to taking long walks by myself at night, around the park that I live by, and just sitting on my favourite swing. Thinking and thinking and thinking. About what, Katie? one might wonder. Actually, I'm not quite sure on that bit. And that probably just made me sound daft. Mad and daft.

It's hard feeling lonely.

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[22 Jul 2004|09:44am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I've been sick for a few weeks, had a bad summer flu, couldn't even lift a quill to jot down random bits. I'm better now, more or less. I hope I didn't lose my job.

Private to Fred and GeorgeCollapse )

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[25 Jun 2004|02:07am]
[ mood | blah ]

When you're stuck in a sodding lift with Mr. Potter and Ron, it loses its funny after three hours.

Time to end this entry before something dreadful happens, (by which I mean Katie-has-the-urge-to-tell-everyone-her-REAL-opinions-about-them-when-asked), but I think it's almost wearing off, WHATEVER happened. Though I've got a bloody good feeling on who's behind it.

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[23 Jun 2004|07:36pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So there I was at Diagon Ally with Fred and eating an ice cream... and I think I said something that I didn't mean about something like when and who I... AND




For example, today my mum popped round for a quick visit after I came back from Diagon, and I told her that her hat and dress made her look like a blood-deprived vampire. But I didn't mean to say that! Really, I didn't!

...So er, in other non-nettling related subjects, I think my job at the Ministry's going real well so far! My boss, Mr. Potter is rather very attractive for a man of his age a very smart and objective worker. His secretary is an ugly, horrible twat I already hate with a fiery passion isn't as fun as he is.

Oh bollocks, I'll just stop.

cor blimey right then don't ask me any questions until i find out what happened to me!!

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Wow! [18 Jun 2004|02:15pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Was reading the Daily Prophet today, and read the most interesting thing! I've got to nip down to Quality Quidditch Supplies ASAP today! Even though I'm more of a Holyhead Harpies and Puddlemere United (go Oliver!) type of person, the Keeper of the Chudley Cannons is extremely, extremely gorgeous talented. Very talented indeed! It'd be so groovy if he just touched my hand sign my Quaffle.

Now to off to dig up some money from Mum or Da!

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Well then... [16 Jun 2004|09:59am]
[ mood | nervous ]

I've just owled my application for summer intern at the Ministry, for the Department of Magical Games and Sports. I hope they reply quickly... I'm getting bored out of my mind! And sadly it's only been the first few days of summer.

I hope Mr. Potter won't be too difficult if I do get in. Or I hope I won't get nervous and mess up on something. Or what if I was supposed to do something and then I don't because I forget and then something dreadful happens and then I get sacked and then it'll look really bad on my permanent record... Okay, I'll stop before I break into a nervy spaz.

It's sad how Witch Weekly tails Harry around like an army of lust-filled middle-aged women. That's got to be illegal somewhere, right?

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Brooms! [14 Jun 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

I've got a bit of money I've saved up during the year, and I think I'm ready to buy a broomstick! The question is, which one? I've had my favourite Cleansweep 7 for almost my whole life, and though I adore it, it's about ready to fall apart. I can't afford a Firebolt, but maybe a good Nimbus?

Right then, opinions, anyone?

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First entry! [13 Jun 2004|01:59am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I'm quite excited to have this... ever since I saw an ad for these I've been anxious to get my hands on these. It's so lovely, my favourite colors, silver and pink!

Yesterday was quite sad... my last day at Hogwarts. Our graduation ceremony, I cried loads. Seven years at Hogwarts and it's become my second home. The years just passed by so quickly, I swear. I was a bit sad that Fred and George wasn't around for the last day, I can imagine what they'd do. Angelina, Alicia, and I spent the time onboard the train hugging everyone and playing Exploding Snap.

It's good to be home, though I'm a bit nervous about applying for my training to become an Auror... what if I mess up somehow or do something strange? Urgh. I'd rather not think about that now.

Merlin, is it that late? Better get to bed, g'night!

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